This Touch sensor uses the Atmel One-channel Touch Sensor IC for sensing. The sensing field can be made smaller or bigger by changing the value of C1 (higher value = bigger sensing field) .

For the firmware we use 'tasterschittstelle_wd_4fach.hex'. How to set the parameters for the leds in ETS, please view the user manual.

The touch sensor can be mounted with a GIRA support metal and GIRA window, or the specific designed support metal with for example plexiglass and a wooden finish plate. It is also possible to use other types of finish material like stone, however when finishing with a metal plate it should not make contact with the touch sensor support metal.



More Images

touch_front.jpg touch_back.jpg touch_installed_nofront.jpg  


icon_eagle_22.png Touch sensor 1.8 schematics

icon_board_22.png Touch sensor 1.8 board